Professional Counseling Skills

It is refreshing when anyone can build connection with people quickly. The ability to show emotional empathy with others make you a great helper. For professionals in business, education and community services, the display of competent counseling skills will distinguish you completely. It shows that you are attuned emotionally. You can facilitate problem solving. You are caring and sharp. For a long time such ability is only confined to professional psychotherapists or counselors. Now you have the great opportunity to acquire the techniques and insights into the work. Learn from a qualified and richly experienced Consultant Psychotherapist.


Richard Lim, a well-received trainer facilitator in Singapore and Jakarta, is both the Clinical Member of American Group Psychotherapy Association and the President of the Psychotherapy of Singapore. Richard has professionally attended to patients from Brazil, USA, Italy, France, UK, Australia, New Zealand and many parts of Asia in more than 15 years of psychological works. He is also a Supervisor certified by the American Psychological Association. Come and share this highly interactive and fun learning which will also earn you a professional certificate endorsed by the Psychotherapy Association of Singapore.


  1. Master brain science based techniques to reach out to people in needs
  2. Apply the proven and tested LEARN model of counseling skills for rapid results
  3. Facilitate the regulation of emotions for people you are attending


At the end of the workshop, the participant will be able to:

  • Achieve the capability to attend to distressed persons with professional counseling skills.
  • Learn the techniques to liberate distressed persons from obsessive thoughts and rigid actions.
  • Enhance the ability to quickly and deeply connect with people emotionally
  • Awarded Professional Certificate of Professional Counseling Skills from Singapore

Who should attend?

Psychologist, Counselor, Teachers, Community Leaders, Social Workers, HR practitioners and Proffesional Executives.


You are caring and sharp. For a long time such ability is only confined to professional psychotherapists or counselors