The clinical supervision brought about much awareness on the importance of deeply connecting with our clients in order to give birth to solutions together in therapy. The ability to give undivided attention is so critical. To shift away from our tendency to be self preoccupied, we rather grant attention to clients in an open, curious and nonjudgmental way. This stance brings about much relief and deeply motivate anyone to join the therapists in reflecting about challenges and be willing to be experimental in learning actions. Throughout the supervision, much tears and anxiety were shed. Richard led the group through the application of psychodrama techniques, psychodynamic insights and cognitive behavioral therapy to effect real changes that count. While the journey was hard going at some stretch, all deeply appreciated the depth they went. We learned that good psychotherapy is not about just applying techniques. The authentic transformation always touches us emotionally in transforming the way we remember our traumas. Therefore as we access the memories of our clients we also encourage a fluidity in changing perspectives. This helps clients to consider a different narratives. All these done in the spirit of acceptance, forgiveness and learning actions. 

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