My child is “bright” but somehow he has difficulty to perform well in school. Is he just too young for his grade level? Or maybe he just needs extra time to adjust well in school? But I notice that my child doesn’t really like to read and avoids it as well as writing. Does he have learning difficulties? If he does, how will I be able to find it out and how can I teach and support him?”.


In the United States, there are about 2.9 million students who are classified as having specific learning disabilities, and receive some kind of special education support. In fact, over half of all children who receive special education have a learning disability. They are approximately 5% of all school-aged children in public schools. Learning disabilities are by far the largest category of special education.


LD Talk in this session is talking about the understanding of children and students with learning difficulties. The Speaker, Mr. Danny, is an education consultant specialized in special needs. He also a practitioner, speaker, and facilitator for seminar and workshop in special education.

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