Mindfulness is a way of paying attention, in the present moment, to yourself, others and the world around you. It is a skill that you can train in, using techniques involving attention training and body works. Research shows that people who do that are more aware of their thoughts and feelings are better able to manage them. Mindfulness training boosts your attention and concentration, raises your level of emotional intelligence, increases your resilience and improves your relationships. This will certainly deeply enhance your professional education work with the students. In the midst of rising distractions, many students are struggling to keep focus. Without mindful focus, it is not just the academic result that suffers. Their life and well being are badly impacted. On the contrary, when mindful teachers could facilitate a mindful way in the school life, students learn that there is a way to engage life and work in genuinely effective manner.


This one-day highly interactive course makes the case for mindfulness training in our life. Put simply, its hypothesis is that people who are better at working with their minds and mental states will be more productive than those who are less skilled in these areas. Based on the emerging research evidence around the value of mindfulness training, the course trains you to apply practical mindfulness in parenting, relationships and personal wellness. Mindfulness is now being applied as a mainstream health-care intervention.


Recommended as a frontline treatment by the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), mindfulness is also being used as a means of increasing resilience and enhancing emotional intelligence and overall effectiveness in a wide range of organizations: banks, media companies, industry, law and accountancy firms, the police, government and the military.

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