The completed TPCP workshop proved to be hugely appreciated. Participants deeply valued the highly interactive learning as they shared and discussed the challenges faced as teachers and parents. Unlike a basic talk, TPCP focuses on the deeper need to guide and help the children and teens to achieve optimum development in a holistic manner. The key is always about connecting deeply with our child in order to secure a safe and stimulating environment for growth. Participants learned that discipline is not about punishment but about guiding the child to learn the socially appropriate way in relationships and the regulating of emotions. The sharing was personal and open. Teachers and parents experienced what emotional connection could do. They also learned that such a connection is in good alignment with brain health too. Amidst much laughter and even some tears, we all went away with a deeper awareness of how parenting or childminding itself is a great opportunity for personal development too. We not only allow the expression of emotions, we encourage it. We treasure the permission given as much as what our child would need too. Then the learning of effective behaviors and actions become really effective. Many felt that TPCP would be most useful for parents and teachers who intend to ensure their children develop in a highly balanced and holistic way.

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