The advance of behavioural science has richly informed our understanding of how individuals and groups could conduct themselves in excellence at work. Relational skills bring about deep wellness at work. Effective leaders and educators can greatly upgrade their people management when they adopt psychologically informed manners of conduct in their attending and managing of students, parents and colleagues. It doesn’t take a psychologist to know how to be skilful with people. Any leader and educator can learn how to execute key steps to make collaborative and relational work a real possibility. This is so even with people who manifest difficult behaviours. This workshop focuses on imparting the practical tools to integrate thoughts and emotions in the relating and managing of people. A key aspect is how we can manage our own thoughts and emotions and that of others during engagement. We will also learn how to facilitate team bonding to leverage higher level of performance. Such psychological intelligence in a digital age is a new advantage: simultaneously task-focused and yet deeply people engaging. Acquiring such people management ability will greatly differentiate you from being just another professional into a great people enhancer to produce extraordinary results.

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