Children interact with peers and adults daily, learning about themselves and the people around them. Parents and educator’s verbal and non-verbal gestures have a tremendous impact on children and shape their social-emotional development in the long run. We have a primary role in providing emotional support and guidance to the children, guiding them to develop positive feelings about themselves, improving their ability to interact with others, and supporting them with socially acceptable behaviors.


How well we carry out these roles depends on our understanding of children’s social-emotional development, our ability to establish positive relationships with them, and their skills in behavior management. This workshop consists of 4 session of 2 hours/session aims to connect children’s social-emotional development to real life practices and equip the participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively support children’s social development.



Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

1. Understand how child development influences social competence (components of social-emotional development)

2. Discuss how developmentally appropriate practices support the development of social competence (using developmentally practical approaches to connect with children)



Dr. Mirasol Delmar (Coach, Clinical and Organisation Psychologist)

Dr. Richard Lim (Coach, Clinical and Organisation Psychologist)


Investment: IDR 500K/pax or S$50

IDR 450K or S$45 (Early bird discount until 18 June 2021)



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Topics and Schedule:

Session 1

Date: July 1, 2021 Thursday

Time: 7PM-9PM Jakarta, 8PM-10PM SG

Topic: Define Social Competence (Social and Emotional Development)

• Self-awareness

• Self-regulation

• Social awareness

• Relationship management

• Responsible decision-making



Session 2

Date: July 8, 2021

Time: 7PM-9PM Jakarta, 8PM-10PM SG

Topic: Strategies in supporting children’s social competence

• Verbal communication

• Non-verbal communication

• Promoting children’s positive Sense of Self



Session 3

Date: July 15, 2021

Time: 7PM-9PM Jakarta, 8PM-10PM SG

Topic: Role as parents and educators

• Skills for supporting children’s social and emotional development and learning

• Working together as partners in developing children’s social and emotional development


Session 4:

Date: July 22, 2021

Time: 7PM-9PM Jakarta, 8PM-10PM SG

Topic: Building resilience in children

• Understand the effects of stress and adversity on resilience

• Explore stress-coping mechanisms

• Establishing a positive verbal environment


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